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Last Update: 27h November 2017

Hi Everyone,

We did it! Less than a week later and you have some more bedtime reading, when you have exhausted all other possibilities of curing boredom and find yourself on this lonely old page on the web. 

So what has been going on? Well, there has been a lot of planning and development behind the scenes. Many of you that have been in the arcade, and either myself or Amelia has been able to speak to you will know what our future plans are for the arcade. Note this is NOT what some may have seen on our elite section of the classicreels forum.

We have recently launched Pinball Wizard, this is an old £6 token payout machine with an actual flip for the 'ball'. Check out the piccy here:
We have been bringing some absolute gems into the arcade lately and although we have been working so hard with so many techs we continue to thrash out the unbelievable classics that many thought were extinct.

We have some more amazing games under restoration right now, one is a classic ACE game and one a very unique Maygay machine!

Things are tough and this year has been a beast with the new £1 coin but we have managed to get most to an acceptable state. Its very hard work but we must continue our fight to deliver the BEST amusement experience in the UK. 

The 1980's games will be trimmed furthermore due to being idle. Superline will leave very soon. This is extremely sad as (arguably) Reel Crazy (Superline is identical) is the most iconic JPM of the 80's MPS era, but it has bombed in a huge way. 

Barcrest Blackjack has arrived and launched successfully, this has been played by many of our players and already shown the difference of game styles and how cutting edge this machine was in its time as it still captures the audience of today some 27 years on. That is mad to think that, wow!

So with lots going on behind the scenes we are working hard to create something 'Reel Fruits' style so what could it be and what is it..

We will be making a special announcement very soon.

We have announced the Christmas Party 2017 as 23rd December 2017. Its a Saturday and will be packed full of fun, festivity and Christmas bonanza!

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett xxx