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Last Update: 11th March 2018

Hello Fruits,

We are very sorry that we have not been able o update the site very often lately. It is all so consuming with our sister arcade Mr P's Classic Amusements that opens its second branch in Chatham this Saturday 17th March 2018. It has been a strange time in the arcade, we have been bringing some serious titles in to showcase some of our rare and iconic games that we have in our extremely vast collection.

Lately we have brought some old epoch games in such as Billy the Quid, High Voltage, Jurassic Pork and Beaver Uncovered. All of these games have been brought in to be tested for popularity and how they are taken by our players, early indications indicate that these four machines are big hits.

It is a tough time mentally as we shape up to look for a seaside location for Reel Fruits due to our landlord being as wonderful as a verruca and as pleasant as a weeks holiday at a sewage plant. So we look forward and we have to concede that it is a POSSIBILITY that we will move from our current location in about 4 years.

Our plans for a big refurbishment are obviously to one side for now and our future plans for the arcade will be short term for now. Rest assured we will remain in Maidstone with Reel Fruits or a Mr P's but for now a new home will be on the cards. We have just had a 20% hike in rent and he (the landlord) has hinted at increasing it by up to 50% at the end of our lease. If he wasn't so rude and vile we may consider accepting an increase with no quibble, but he is the polar opposite of nice! A good friend of ours offered to lend us the money to buy it, so we made the offer and he didn't even have the decency to respond!

This leads us on to the standard of the arcade and experience, we value everybody's comments and your feedback is vital to us. We have been having a great time with you all lately and the magical atmosphere has been fantastic.

The arcade has been generally busy and Amelia and I have been spending as much time there as physically possible, we have some good things in store but this will all slot into place in time for the June 2nd Classic Reels party! This website needs major work, and whilst we are working tirelessly it is hard to get round to sorting everything, but it will be re-jigged very soon. Classic Reels has been busier than ever and we are pleased to see that our new VIP has been a huge success with everybody who is a part of it enjoying some sneak peek news and in general the boards have been very busy. Massive thanks to our Admin man Al who has made it such a special place to be!

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and we cannot wait to see you all soon. 

Happy Nudging,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett xxx