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Last Update:13th August 2017

Hi Everyone,

So the new £1 is to be the only £1 in our pockets (legal tender anyway) in just eight weeks. 

Well this would be fine if the Royal Mint could be kind enough to actually make coins that are of a decent quality. These new £1 coins are laughable and in the older tube based machines, reliant on ME series mechs the acceptance is often poor. 

You could open the windows up so that the £1 coin is accepts more freely, but then you will have the 10p going in as a £1 or vice versa. Its a bit of a comedy show at the moment. The 2016 coins are reasonably OK but the 2017 are very hit and miss, especially the new new ones with a weird coating on them. This is not good when we finally just decided to take the plunge to start eradicating the old round pound. 

We have an issue no doubt and we are trying everything. We have a tumbling machine on order as the Royal Mint don't seem bothered on this crucial rounding off process on the new batches. We have put coins in an acid substance to remove the coating, we have also frozen some to shrink the coin slightly. Currently we have about 40 coins labelled with pen ranging from 135 to 178, this is the differences between them, very wide. 

It is something we will conquer but it is the coin that is the problem, not the mechs. We have one ME which accepts virtually 100/100 but with this new untumbled lacquered £1 it wont take ANY! Not even the modern mechs will accept it. Factory programmed versions will only accept 4/10. This is a complete contrast to Tonbridge which is lucky enough to have started earlier and acquired thousands of tumbled and 'dull' new £1 coins!

So the arcade, which is always a challenge to run is even harder right now!

We will be changing some games in the Maidstone arcade. The machines we will be removing will be:
Play the Joker (software doesn't support £5)
Popeye & Olive
Jewel In the Crown
Silver & Gold
Andy Loves Flo
Eggs on Legs (a huge flop)

We are unsure what is coming in, we will have some surprises up our sleeves no doubt! 

The Colorama wheel delivered a record number of JACKPOT winners this week. Talking of Jackpots we have a whopping prize on our Reel Lottery this week, lets see if somebody can land it this week!

All good fun.

See you soon,

Dave, Amelia & Ruby xxx