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Weekly Reels is a weekly write up of the events inside and outside of Reel Fruits amusements arcade!

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*If possible due to extreme workload!

Last Update: 16th October 2017

Hi Everyone,

It was a tough old week for Amelia, and for Ruby but they managed the to get through it with huge thanks to Jeremy (aka Duckshoot) who gave up his time to assist Ruby and Amelia. 

Because the workload was hard for a heavily preganant woman and a 2 year old infant it was amplified with worry and concern as the week progressed and not felt the baby move etc. 

As we write this we are about to leave for a hospital appointment to book a C section as the baby hasn't turned and is in a breech postion. Its a shame as Ruby was close to a natural birth and Amelia was fully dilated but sadly Ruby's oxygen levels were dropping so she had to have an emergency C section. Fingers crossed this 'planned' one will be less traumatic! 

Jeremy was fantastic and did exceptionally well. He really picked it all up well unblocking machines, assisting with machines mech updates and looking after the arcade and people in it. Amelia even got him to help with paperwork lol! He was there straight away and looked after everyone with great enthusiasm and zest. Thank you Jeremy you are a star! 

Dan also chipped in with helping looking after Ruby at times in the arcade and even took her to a ball place a couple of times (I think he enjoyed it more than Ruby lol). Again we are extremely grateful for your help.

I will be returning to the arcade to iron out any machine issues on Tuesday and Saturday this week and also at some other point in the week to ensure we are all new £1 ready. 

The old round pound coin may have been classified 'not legal tender' but any that you win we will happily replace. We no doubt have a fair few scattered around the stores anyway! Some machines right now have still got old £1 coins in them, we will naturally change them as they are still 'arcade tender'! 

There may be a minor machine change this week, although plans are in place to get some of the machines that are not running at present back to life. 

We would like to thank you all for your continued support over the years, it has been a wonderful adventure and we have met some fantastic people along the way, which includes YOU reading this right now.

Happy Nudging,

Dave, Amelia & Ruby xxx