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Weekly Reels is a weekly write up of the events inside and outside of Reel Fruits amusements arcade!

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Last Update: Easter Sunday 02/06/2018

Hello Fruits,

What can we say? Apologies for the lack of updates and words from us. Things have been tremendously crazy for us and also very stressful with the behind the scenes shenanigans of keeping the old girls running. 

OK, so what has been keeping us so busy? Here are SOME of the things that have been occupying the our tiny minds..

New arrivals of machines such as Super Jester, JPM Five Liner (£4.80 version), Around the town, Money Spinner, BGT Hot Rocks, Red Aftershock to name but a few. We even have Clowning Around ready to show its face for a BRIEF visit. 

The back air conditioning has been replaced, so there is just one more system to replace in the coming few months. 

There is major uncertainty remaining over the current landlords intentions and we have more than strained relations with the 'person'. We are protected within the landlords and tenants act but we do not trust this landlord at all, he is known around town for ripping people off and has many enemies, we are told. 

Reel fruits is a special place and we are cranking up the classic machine offering to continue to showcase the BEST machines on the BEST percentages in the countyr. We are also looking for a seaside location, whether it becomes our new home or an addition to the brand remains to be seen.

Those of you who that can make it we would love to see at our annual classic reels MEGA PARTY on June 2nd 2018. Doors open at 10 am and we are open to all, with a LIVE DJ taking your requests!

Many have booked hotels and made special efforts to come to this EPIC party, and we have something VERY exclusive for you all to enjoy...the clue is : E HONDA on a fruit machine!  

Happy Nudging,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett xxx