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Weekly Reels is a weekly write up of the events inside and outside of Reel Fruits amusements arcade!

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Last Update: 23/09/2018

Hello Fruits,

Sorry people for the lack of updates here lately. There is no excuse per se but there are reasons.

As you may have seen on our sister site, we have finally got the keys for our new seaside adventure in Bognor Regis. Work is underway and we have many great things in store for all visitors. 

Maidstone is getting plenty of new classic games into the arcade but we have something to announce very soon.

Some of the games that have been recntly launched have captivated a new audience and helped invigorate the customer base. 

We have a big announcement soon with reagrds to the token section, also an announcement reagarding the future of Reel Fruits in Maidstone. 

Rest assured that the Reel Fruits name will be in lights soon with our much stronger and argueably more popular Mr P's Classic Amusements brand.

Updates soon.

Happy Nudging,

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett xxx