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Last Update: 09/12/2018

This is it the LAST weekly reels of the year, although for many of you loyal readers, and WOW you must be loyal to keep checking back here as this has only seen around 20 weekly reels this year!

Sadly it has been a terrible year for the Reel Fruits arcade, and as we wind down to the end of the year it has funnelled into a poor finish. 

The Maidstone Reel Fruits is a very special arcade and although it has suffered four floods, two of which were severe, and the most evil landlord we are still going! 

The arcade is still alive and kicking and busier than any others in the town but it is not what it once was. 

I remember running that arcade for almost two years solid, with only four days off a year, no kidding. The place was booming! 

Sadly over time, and noticeably more as we have had to pull away into the Tonbridge Mr P's and Chatham Mr P's we have seen it decline more and more. 

Things will be changing, that is a certaintly and we will be refurbishing the arcade with almost immediate effect after Chrustmas. We are unsure whetehr we will close for this period or to remain open, rest assured our team will be offered alternative work (and board) in our Bognor Regis arcade if this is the case.

The future of the Reel Fruits brand will be secured and tough decisions made, but the right balance of classic machines and £10/£15 Jackpot machines will be implemented in a nice setting.

This will be a great journey and one that we are focused and ready to action.

So before all of this happens and the changes, or even temporary closure during refurbishment takes place we urge you to come along to our Christmas and New Year party on 29th December 2018.

Any changes we make will be for the benefit of the arcade.

See you on the Christmas Party 29th Decmeber, 10 am til LATE!

Dave, Amelia, Ruby & Scarlett xxx