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We are so sorry to say, but the opening day for Reel Fruits has been further delayed.

We had planned to open on the 27th of October, but this has now been moved to the 10th of November.

The reasons are largely down to the leak and some other factors. 

Since the leak we have been assured that the work has been done, but it has not rained and the damage is still apparent. The landlord hasn't even had the decency to return my calls or notify us of action.

Also, we were given another blow by the printing company. We have been waiting for deliveries, but our emails were not being answered. So the party bags would be a bit light as we have had to look for another company as the one we were using didn't seem to be able to meet our order.

Furthermore, we have had lots of wasted hours on the Project technology. Out of 8, we have only got 2 running so far. Far from ideal.

As pretty much all is in place and set we will take a preview video this week. 

So sorry people to keep disappointing you all, this is why we have now moved the party date to the 10th.

We will of course be open BEFORE then, but that will be announced shortly.

All the best, 

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October 2012

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